Since implementing the FTA,

Oman’s exports to the US have more than doubled.

The United States and Oman have been friends and good partners for many years. The U.S. recognises Oman’s strategic importance for peace, security, and global trade. The relationship has been growing in scope, as proved by the Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Cooperation, signed in 2006, the bilateral FTA in 2009, and the Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement of 2016.


In 2022, bilateral trade between the two countries was valued at over US$4bn dollars, and the United States is the leading buyer of Oman’s non-oil exports. U.S. investment in Oman spans various sectors. Expanded engagement in the Middle East has been central to U.S. foreign policy for decades. Besides security cooperation, there is plenty of room for expanding economic ties to support economic development and diversification in Oman, creating opportunities for U.S. companies.


Oman Vision 2040 is the Sultanate’s gateway to overcoming challenges, keeping pace with regional and global changes, generating and seizing opportunities to foster economic competitiveness and social well-being, stimulating growth, and building confidence in all economic, social, and developmental relations nationwide.


in Quality of Life Index in Middle East / Arab World


Safest country in the World according to Numbeo ranking


in Logistics Performance Index for Middle East

0.4 %

jump in FDI in Oman in 2022


in region in terms of contribution of education sector to GDP


lowest corporate tax rate worldwide (15%)

Oman: The Report

  • Oman’s ability to diversify its economy and empower its young people has cemented the nation as a leading economic powerhouse in the Middle East

  • Oman has become a prime target for American investments in the region based on new incentives and open trade relations 

  • Revenues gained from the recent rise in oil prices have allowed Oman to pivot away from hydrocarbons towards adding value to its industrial value chain and promote the growth of new innovative sectors

  • As Oman’s second largest source of FDI, the US is actively promoting increased collaboration based on stable ties and mutual gain 

  • The Vision 2040 blueprint has seen Oman take huge strides towards leading the world in manufacturing, logistics and innovation

  • Oman’s push to support entrepreneurialism has paid off, with SMEs now accounting  for around 26% of Oman’s GDP

  • Oman’s wealth fund has put the public sector in the spotlight in its drive to maximize in-country value and economic sustainability

  • As the country opens up to the world, new businesses are charging beyond the local market towards international prospects

  • With tech-related investments of more than $775 million in 2022, Oman stands to lead the world’s fourth industrial revolution

  • Oman’s telecommunications sector seen as linchpin in digitization of new industries

  • The nation’s net-zero ambitions are driving green transformation across all segments of its industrial value chain

  • Oman’s goal to become a leader in hydrogen and sustainability is sparking global interest

  • Oman’s oil and gas industry is paving the way for the nation’s diversification plans as it prepares for its energy transition

  • After signing 12 licenses in 2022, Oman readies for a new age of mining development 

  • Industry leaders are pushing Oman’s unique heritage as a competitive advantage in design and tourism

  • As Oman diversifies under Vision 2040, innovators are bringing Oman’s new sectors to the forefront