Greece: The phoenix rising from its ashes

Widespread reforms initiated during Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ first four years in office turned Greece into an economic success story. His second term promises even more.


Interview with Kostas Skrekas, Minister of Investment and Development, Greece

“We have turned Greece into a digital hub, a logistics hub, and an energy hub for Southeast Europe. We are very committed to pushing and fulfilling all our targets regarding the protection of the environment.”


The US marks Oman as bridge to the Gulf

Oman has become a prime target for American investments in the region based on new incentives and open trade relations


Interview with Khamis Saif Al Jabri, Vision 2040, Oman

“Oman’s Vision 2040 paints a future built on the harmonious blend of our rich traditions and the demands of the modern world.”

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Denmark is a European leader in both digitization and green technologies, particularly offshore wind.



Bilateral trade and economic growth for a  more sustainable future



The island’s strategic location, coupled with its reinforced commitment to compliance and regulation, has strengthened Cyprus’ appeal as an investment hotspot in the Mediterranean

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