Laden with debt it couldn’t pay back, the country nearly broke the eurozone a decade ago. Today, it is one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies, with opportunities across the board, and with its investment grade badge back on, investors start to pay attention

After a decade of austerity measures, strenuous reforms and heartbreaking sacrifices for its population, Greece is finally back on its feet, and received its holy grail past October: a credit rating upgrade by one of the three major rating agencies, Standard & Poor’s. The Hellenic economy is growing at twice the eurozone average, and despite the horrendous climate events that shook the country in the summer months, 2024 should stand as a record year for its tourism industry…


GDP growth in 2022


increase in FDI in 2022

+ 36.7%

Exports increase in 2022

10.4 million



islands and islets

30 million

tourists in 2022