Ireland – A nation inspired by change

As the global economy reopens for business, Ireland’s unprecedented economic growth puts it first in attracting foreign direct investment and exporting its healthy industrial segments.

Ireland’s economy is at its height. The country was the only EU nation to see growth in 2020 and surpassed its pre-pandemic growth with a 13.5-percent rise in 2021. Given its position, the government’s $170-billion National Development Plan is opening up a flurry of opportunities as the state aggressively updates the country’s public infrastructure and expands its robust knowledge-focused sectors.


After Brexit, Ireland is the only native English-speaking nation in EU, which further highlights the market as a prime base for multinationals and workforce acquisition. The US-Ireland relationship is deep, with more than 900 US-owned firms working within Ireland and around $344 billion in foreign direct investment outbound to the US in 2019.


The Emerald Isle’s key areas of export are aligned with the US’ high demand areas, particularly in pharmaceuticals, agro-foods, medical devices, agriculture technology, healthcare and information technology.


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