Interview with Claudia Gaudiau, Secretary General, TECTRA, Morocco

Business Focus: Why is Moroccan labour so attractive?

In Morocco , the human ressources is one of the major assets for competitive investment and creation of the added- value . With a young and an active population of 35,5 million peopl , 64 % have less than 34 years old with a large cuutural opening , a good skills of foreing languages abd new technologies. Thes qualify human ressources have a real attachment with the entrepreneurship and an exceptionnal capacity of adaptation to the changes of activities. Moreover. The work cost is one of the most competitive costs in Africa .this cost is in means of 73 % compared to this same cost in Spain, and the social security normally borne by companies is of 18 ,7 % against 34% in Spain.

BF: Interesting. You’ve opened a unmber of agencies yourselves...?

Based in Morocco since 2002, TECTRA currently has 26 agencies guaranteeing an operational regional dispatching. TECTRA manages more than 400 permanent employees, 35,000 temporaries, 1000 employees with limited and unlimited contracts, a custmer database of 850. The heart of our bussines is to provide temporary staff, the development of the HR solutions and advices as well as recruitment . Our branchs are located according to the regional trades namely: Agriculture, BTP, Industry, Tertiary secto, Hotel trade and Tourism. Each branch, structured and independent, is a center of recruiting which manages recruitments, and the payrolling management. The extension of our network shows how strong is our will of proximity with the customer, and to be reactive to the maximum and effective permanently anytime and anywhere .

BF: How do you see Tectra is positioning itself to make the most of Mohammed VI’s reforms? We’re talking stable flows of FDI… What is Tectra doing to make the most of this boom?

The economy of morocco is considered a relatively liberal economy governed by the law of supply and demand. Since Kink Med 6 coronation , morocco has followed a policy of privatization of certain economic sectors , morocco has become a major player in African economic affairs, and is the 5th largest african economy, that’s why king Med 6 emphazez the need to put young people at the center of the new development model , and also that’s why TECTRA is doing the best to statisfy this market needs .

BF : Tectra is ideally placed to tell us about the economic growth areas, both in terms of location or region as well as by sector.

The Moroccan model of advanced regionalisationlies clearly within the scope of a decentralized democratic model Tectra follows the movement and widens its network of branchs in Morocco to mark its presence. In Tangier, for example, we notice an incredible economic growth, mainly centered on car industry. Renault started the dance six years ago now, and there are all the economic actors who turn around Renault by forming an ecosystem. Indeed, there is an enormous machine which started. Then there is the free zone of Tangier, where there are a lot of companies which come settle, and they see that Morocco is a true market which is extremely interesting. There is a true challenge ! As you know it, Peugeot arrives soon, it will follow without any doubt the same diagram that Renault, except that they chose to settle in Kenitra. As a result, Kenitra will take a scale identical to that of Tangier, which will work in perfect collaboration in Tangier. We will test at this time to duplicate the same advance, which is advantageous for the area, and possibly beneficial for the country. There are two other areas of which it is necessary that I speak to you. On the one hand, the town o fMarrakech known for its tourist sector. Our specialized branch precisely in hotel trade andt ourism employs 1800 people. In addition, Agadir which is currently an area in full rise, thanks to the agricultural sector , in particular all the Spanish companies which come to settle there. And also all the companies in the field of the BTP.

BF : The UK government earmarked 3 billion pounds in promoting commercial ties here, so obvioulsy the UK is forging forward looking for new partners and we’ve seen the strengthening of ties on a diplomatic level. Can you see an increase with Tectra now ?

Honestly I find that the British investors are not very present in Morocco. The large companies which generally settle in Morocco are French, Spanish, American, Korean and Chinese. TECTA has today a 850 active customers and I can tell you that among these companies do not appear any British investor.

BF : So it’s new market for you and for the UK ?

Morocco remains open to any good investor, big or small, whatever his origin and its branch of industry. TECTRA will be really honored to collaborate with British companies for a win-win partnerships. This partnership will make it possible to have constructive exchanges of good practices and know-how. A thing is sure we will implementall our expert testimony and professionalism to make a success of this partnership.